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About us

We are the heavy smokers. 


We play carelessly with products we stole from our neighbors' doorstep. 


We are the newcomers.


We thought we were going to be fashionably late but we arrived just on time. 


We wanted to out die our parents but we all died today. 


We are the rich. 


We want to get even richer. 


We ate the rich and inherited their fortune. 


We are dark-lunged and thick hearted. 


We killed the bees to celebrate black friday. 


We are good with colors. 


We are happy when our business explodes. 


We are the slick liars. 


We sell stories to the lowest bidders. 


We play with holly wax. 


We are the ones that got wealthy from the pandemic. 


We experiment with monoliths in the desert. 


We went to high school with Greta. 


We are the ones who know how to create a virus in lab conditions. 


We sell candles. Wanna buy some? 


We are the shamans. We heal our communities, we spend as much time as needed with each patient. 


We are the ones who believe in the power of prayer. 


We wrote the prayer. 


We are the up and rising post-post colonialism entrepreneurs. 


We cheated on all our partners and never said we’re sorry. 


We put all our hopes and dreams in opening a store, a little business, something to call our own. 


We are pregnant. 


We are a lot less violent than it may seem. 


We are not artists. We are merchants, medieval jews conspiring to dominate the world. 


We are hairy and proud. 


We are queer and petrified. 


We make candles out of cigarette buds, dead bees and enchanted herbs.


We are the small letters that nobody reads. 


We are trying to expand and establish our online presence. 


We know when it's a wig, a weave or their real hair. 


We are made of sugar - we must not touch the rain. 


In each candle we put a little glass bottle with a pink note in it. The paper was blessed by Israeli lifeguards, middle aged men that stopped counting the amount of lives they’ve saved. 


We are expanding. Like the universe, like Jerusalem, like cancer. 


We are younger than we thought we’d be. 


When we were even younger we were taught to appreciate homes with candles. Used candles.


We are not allowed to light real fire on stage - the fire fighters don't allow it. They give us candies made of sea shells and we suck on them in humility. 


We are your older sister that burned her room by accident. We left the candles burning and the curtains set fire in front of our shiny red eyes. 


We are rabbits. 


We are timeless caves - our father is Prometheus, our mother said she’s going to hunt us dinner and never came back. 


We are the vaccine formula painters, we work in the shadows - we don't need credit, just some cash to give lunch money to our kids. 


We are the ones that never get angry


We are the names no one can easily pronounce 


We are cheeky whistleblowers- watch out, we know what you did last summer 


We are the devotees of democracy 


We are the same mistakes repeating again and again 


We are offering bundles - please, feel free to contact us if something isn’t clear or not to your liking 


We are the best web domain money can buy. 


We are the joy of baking during a messy breakup.  


We are so happy you joined us tonight - it’s pay what you want, the traditional hat will be passed during the closing number. 


We feel guilty when we dance to hip hop music. 


We are the ones that became teachers before we’ve actually accomplished something.  


We are the perfect dress. 


We are the ones who cry when watching the news. 


We ask for autographs if you see celebrities in the street. 


We buy books with nice covers, books we never read, books to decorate our rented flats. 


We are the slight difference between art and design. 


We flattened the world and now we’re in constant fear of falling. 


We believe Lauryn Hill.


We are the lobsters that remain blue. 


We are the old men who don't have the guts to kill themselves. 


We are the spirit of your unborn child. 


We don't drink enough water yet our piss is always transparent. 


We sell candles - wanna buy some? 


We don't give credit to people who truly deserve it. 


We are shaped like the chairs we sit on for 10 hours a day. 


We are the divine intervention. 


We didn't pay for art school. 


We didn't pay attention to our parents fading away. 


We are the hard drive no one can restore - information lost forever 


We feel unloved even when thousands of people are clapping, praising our contribution to society. 


We’re not hungry, thank you, we had a big lunch. 


We lie on our taxes. 


We wear our emotional disability as a head piece. 


We are the signal that disappears in the elevator. 


We are the crown - season 6. 


We are the cool motivated kids - we know what you want and how to sell it to you. 


We sell candles - our favorite ones are infused with our spit, semen and blood. 


Our collection is usually sold out within minutes from launch. We do not give our product as a present to social media influencers. We know our worth. 


We want to tell you our story - are you willing to hear?

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